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Delivering a good presentation is not only about you. It is often neglected, but technology is also an important piece of your success.  You don't know where to start? We can help you.

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  • High end computer and presentation equipment (projector, screen…)
  • Computer network

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New product: the Speaker Kit!

As it ever happened that you had to wait for a meeting to start because the computer could not be connected to the projector? Frustrating, isn't it?

Each year, thousands of dollars are lost in businesses because of this problem. As the saying goes: Time is money!

Patrice (our technology guru!) decided to tackle this problem. Since he could not find any suitable solution on the market, that's when he started to research all the components himself and put a real solution in place. After 18 months of work, we now present you with: the Speaker Kit.


A single plastic case that includes everything you need to connect your computer to a video device.

  • HDMI gender changer F
  • VGA gender changer M
  • VGA gender changer F
  • HDMI-F / mini HDMI-M / micro HDMI-M adapter
  • 5 ft. HDMI M/M cable
  • 5 ft. VGA M/M cable
  • HDMI-M / VGA-F adapter
  • Mini DP Thunderbolt / HDMI-VGA-DVI (F) adapter
  • Options: SMK Link presentation remote (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald), and/or extra gender changers & adapters.

Price: $50 (US) / $60 (CAD) + shipping & handling

Imagine all the time and money you will save if you have everything in one small box. You won't need to go to numerous stores, or browse the web for hours, before finding everything you need. And it fits in your laptop bag, so all travel hounds don't need to pay for extra luggage. 😉

Please fill the form below to order yours today. We will contact you to confirm shipping charges and payment method (PayPal or credit card).

Order Form - Speaker Kit

Your basic 8 part-kit has everything required to connect your computer (PC or Mac) to a projector or monitor 99% of the time - Why 99%? Because manufacturers always find a way to complicate things at times. 😉 You can also customize your kit by adding some gender changers or adapters, and even a presentation remote. We already have 3 SMK Link remote models that fit perfectly in the empty spot.

Please fill the following order form so we can contact you within 48h to confirm the final price (e.g. with customization, and for shipping & handling fees), or if you need to discuss your needs for a remote.

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