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A PowerPoint calendar template, with auto-update of dates!

Ever dreamed of using a PowerPoint calendar template, with auto-update of dates? I have! A few years back, I decided to have fun building a calendar for my 10th Presentation Summit participation. It was my way to celebrate all the frienships built through the years. And it was full of photos, which was appreciated by all.

After that first try, I decided to reuse the concept to build my corporate calendar. It made it easier to mention my products and services, and be useful to people I sent it to. But – yes, there is always a BUT! – changing the dates was a real PITA! (see #1 here for definition) 😉

Tableau représentant un mois de calendrier
Check and change dates manually, for every month, is a huge waste of time!

Not only is it a huge waste of time, I also had the “great idea” to make a mistake in date adjustments! A whole lot of them had been distributed to people during an event, and I had no way to contact them. I can just imagine their faces when they got to the month with the wrong days. You know, like being one day early for everything?

Knowing I had MVP colleagues that use code in PowerPoint in their sleep, I started to ask questions about the possibility to update the dates in my calendar. I got to create what I wanted with John Wilson, from PowerPoint Alchemy . So we now present you the first PowerPoint calendar template with auto-update of dates. In only 3 clicks of the mouse, dates and the year of the calendar are all changed.

How does a PowerPoint calendar template with auto-update of dates actually work?

After downloading the template file (bottom of this post, French and English), open it and make sure you allow macros. You will see a new tab called Chabos Calendar:

Just click the new Chabos Calendar tab

Click on it – that’s Click # 1. You will then see the Select Year button. Click on it to get the drop-down list (Click # 2), then you get to Click # 3 to select the year. These 3 clicks are all you need to change all the dates to the right day of the month, for the year you selected. 🙂

Click the Select Year button and select Year

An example to show you what can be done

Here is a brief overview of what my own calendar looks like.

Where can I get it?

Just click one of the images below, the download will begin from your browser. The French and English versions are available. Have fun creating your 2018 calendar, and please, do give us some news. 🙂

September 2018 update: because of changes to software versions, the two calendar templates have been updated.

Update, August 2019: the files available are not compatible with Mac anymore following updates in PowerPoint O365. We are evaluating possibilities to offer a new version in upcoming months.

Changement automatique des dates – par Chantal Bossé et John Wilson
Automatic date change – by Chantal Bossé and John Wilson
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